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Crochet Puff Flower Afghan Blanket

Crochet Flower Puff Afghan Blanket

Puff Flowers are lovely to behold and when you combine them into an afghan blanket, it looks heavenly. Crocheting a puff flower is not difficult. You just need to link them carefully and with practice, you get a very beautiful…

Halter Top Crochet Dress

Crochet Dress Halter Top

This is an attractive piece of crochet halter top dress for the summer that is just perfect to go out in the sun with a crochet hat! The crochet stitch is really comfortable on the skin and you will find…

Crochet Scoop Neck Sweater

Crochet Scoop Neck Sweater

This is one of my favorite sweater patterns and it has a fashionable scoop neckline which makes the sweater looks great on anyone. The pull-up sleeves are cool as well. The tutorial instructions are easy to follow and I hope…

Colorful Bobble Stitch Crochet Bag

Bobble Stitch Colorful Bag

This crochet bag is made using the interesting bobble stitch interlace with colorful bobbles. This tutorial shows how we can use simple crochet stitches to make a colorful interesting crochet bag using the bobble stitch. I’m sure you will be…

Crochet Ribbon Lace Edging

Ribbon Lace Edge

There are many edgings which are just lovely with various projects. I like this Ribbon Lace which you can crochet for the edges of your shawl, blouse or even baby booties. This pattern resembles a ribbon lace and is just…


Crochet Granny Square Daisy Pattern

granny square daisy flower

Granny squares patterns are always great for beginners. You can easily learn and quickly see the results. What I love best is using multiple colors, and it is one quick way to clear your yarn scraps. 🙂 Try out this…

Crochet Clutch Bag

Crochet Clutch Bag

For ladies, we can never have enough handbags! And this crochet clutch bag is one of those bags that is simply irresistible! This bag uses T-shirt yarn which you can make from used T-shirts and you can find how to…

Big Tartan Crochet Super Scarf

Big Tartan Crochet Super Scarf

Today I’m so happy to show you a beautiful crochet pattern – the Big Tartan Crochet Super Scarf which is shared by B.Hooked Crochet & Knitting and we are glad to feature this pattern here. This is indeed a unique…

Crochet Amigurumi Heart

Amigurumi Hearts

If you are into Amigurumi crochet, this will definitely interest you. This is surprisingly an easy crochet pattern where you can even finish it in a couple of hours. It is easy to do and give really great results! Try…