Sew a Mask with a Replaceable Filter

I hope you are all keeping up well. It has been challenging times and many has been asking how to sew a mask pattern that we can quickly do and even pass it on to others as well. I hope you all are well and stay safe.

Check out this mask sewing project. In these times, we will need to protect ourselves and this face mask tutorial is something you would find crucial in this crisis. Enjoy!

For the material used for the filter, you can source a water-impermeable fabric that will provide some resistance to the virus. Try to source from Amazon to buy the filter material.

Sew a Mask with a Replaceable Filter


Wash and iron your fabric before any sewing project to avoid shrinkage. The face mask sewing pattern provided below in the video below can also be downloaded from this link.

Thanks for checking out our sewing patterns and you can find more tutorials under the Sewing category in Viral Patterns. Stay safe and healthy. Wishing all our readers well!

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